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Connecting a project to TFS

Once Eclipse is open and you can see your projects in Project Explorer.

Select the project you want to add to TFS by right-clicking on it and select the Team Project option and then Share Project, the Share Project Dialog will open … select Team Foundation Server


Once TFS is selected, accept the agreement by checking the box.


Next, if you have a Product Key, enter it here, otherwise check the box to use a full featured trial (it is a 30 day trial)


Provide the details to your TFS environment


Once all values are provided, if you have worked with TFS 2010 and Team Explorer before, the following will look familiar.  Select the TPC and Project to connect to


Then you get to create and name the TFS workspace to be used (the sync between TFS and Eclipse)


Then you will select the location for your project to reside within the Project/Branch location



Once the location is set and there is a local and server path defined, click Finish.


What will you see once this is complete?


As you can see, it is all reporting pending changes, you can then right click the project and you will see this:


If you are good with the checking in of the changes, proceed and this is the process to enroll a project into TFS from Eclipse using Team Explorer Everywhere.

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Right on. Thanks for a beautiful article.

Left by Saad on Jul 03, 2012 9:06 AM

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