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Visual Studio 2005 - my take

I gotta say VS 2005 is turning out to be a great product.  The IDE itself is very stable, (intellisense occasionally hiccups for some reason, but I'm sure they'll figure it out.)

Edit and Continue works fantastically, (in 99% of the cases)... Its only let me down when I was reloading an assembly into a sub AppDomain.  I was trying to tweak it a little, within normal EnC guidelines but apparently that's beyond its ability right now... and since its such an edge case, I just deal with it.  The great thing is that once the “other copy“ is unloaded, you can “EnC“ again... :-)

The Windows Forms controls feel a lot more robust and better thought out.  The control layout helpers (or whatever those little “spacer” events that occur) are fantastic.  They're snapping onto just the right thing, and its making layout of Windows Forms dialogs feel very cool.

ASP.Net's facelift is grand.  The new GridView control, (albeit still somewhat unwieldy when trying to perform more advanced functions), is a huge step over that old DataGrid... (there's no ill feeling towards the designer of the DataGrid, it was definitely a control that was ahead of its time).  The data source controls are a huge step forward in dealing with the reality of accessing data.

All these things add up to a great amount of power AND flexibility.  Considering the fact that we as programmers need to remember that our true value is in solving the business problem, and not neccesarily the beauty/efficiency of our code.  I typically would fall into the latter category, creating more time than was really neccesary on a project.  (I stand by the fact that these projects are well designed... ;-) )

This all said, the framework version 2 and VS 2005 are a great step forward in building apps, and I'm looking forward to not just the formal release of VS2005 / Fx2.0, but also to the future of c# 3.0 (tighter database integration via c-omega extensions) and more.

So here's my kudos to the Visual Studio and the .NET Framework Developement teams... Great job guys, looking forward to the release!

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