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City of London, and All of England

Londoners and England as a whole is thankfully a strong country.  During WWII they were bombed incessentantly by the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force.  To Hilter's dismay Churchill continued to rally his fellow Englishmen to “Never give up... Never Surrender.“  To the English... we are in this together, and we will win it together.

Lets not forget that terrorists have no compunction as to who they kill... its just a simple bloodlust to make their extreme views known.  This is the enemy we face... not uniformed soldiers that shoot on command because their commanding officer gives them a target, under the assumption that this particular person is engaged in war...

Terrorists kill indiscriminately.  Most of the time their targets are innocent people.  Innocent people.  People going to work.  People going to school.  People going to the park.  People enjoying a free Life in a civilized country.  Those are the targets that terrorists hate.  You.  Me.  My family.  Your family.  Its sick. 

And to think that anybody apologizes for these barbaric thugs is sickening to me as well.  We have democrats pushing for these terrorists to have Geneva Convention rights when they don't even abide by Geneva Conventions for war.  Let me remind you that to be protected in war, you have to be uniformed.  You have to attack uniformed enemies.  Civilians are not targets that give you Geneva Convention Rights.  These are cold blooded killers that want nothing more than to end our way of life.  Our freedom.  Our property.  Our people.  Our family, our friends, and our coworkers.  They don't just target our military personnel... they target us. 

We have the French that cannot acknowledge the problem.  Perhaps their economy is tied to making deals with terrorists.  Who knows.  Thats another sad front of this war on terror... the French and the US had always been side by side.  Our fight for independence from the English could not have been won without France.  Frankly I believe that France will wake up soon, before its too late.

Again to the families of those lost today, your loss is terrible and we from the US will continue to stand firm with you in this fight against senseless loss of life.

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