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Game mods could be illegal?,2101,68284-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1

I sincerly hope that modding the game itself isnt in violation.   Heck, back in the day of Mac OS 9 (er 8?) we had a golf game with embedded resources... we'd figured out how to use resedit (or was it reshack?) to basically change out the trigger sounds... like “Bird 1” and “BIrd 2” (seemed to be ambient sounds) with silly sayings...

Its this type of modding that some game communities rely on, because it basically creates additional demand for the game itself... especially if the mod adapts the game engine to a different scenario... The ever popular “Desert Combat” mod for Battlefield 1942 basically hacks the existing game's content files with fresh new Iraq-US war vehicles and combat load out... It basically transformed Battlefield 1942, a WWII based shooter into a fresh new variant.  And since playing online was a must, and the online code worked exceptionally well at preventing piracy, the game most likely florished, well after the 3 month period that most games seem to last.  (Then typically the game company would buy the mod and resell it, whole different story)

So back to the GTA:SA issue, the game itself did have the content on the dvd, which probably shouldn't have been sent out... on the other hand, several certain prereq's required to even see the content.

Lastly, what IS the big deal is over a game that is simply not meant for pre-18 year olds In My Opinion?  So what the content is on the dvd?  Do parents actually look at what kids/teens play in addition to watch on tv?  Its the same thing... parents are both the front and last line of defense here... so I believe the MA rating is explicit enough.  I'm surprised it even had a lower than MA rating to begin with... shame on the ESRB for that snafu...

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