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Congrats to for 12,500 posts... hurrah for us

I remember when I first saw blogging, at it was the de-facto standard for gettin info about all the new stuff... I was so eager to impart some of my knowledge, I asked for an account but was shoved under the rug... Perhaps it was because I wasn't a Microsoft employee... or maybe Scott was just busy... (I lean more towards the first

And then a couple of things happened... First off, so many posts became political.  Did I really want to read about how you love John Carey or how you hate George Bush?  I just wanted to read about .NET 2.0, and Visual Studio '05, not about how Hilary is the “Next Coming”.  

Also, the bloggers at began to split off into their own realms... a fact I could never understand.  Before you knew it, several posts like “I've moved my blog to”  Was it because of corporate pressure to censor their posts?  Who knows?   And since the posters were dropping like flies, the feed started to get very stale... I was sad!  A fantastic source of info, tips, Microsoft and tech trivia seemed to have collapsed.

Somehow I linked over to somebody blogging here at and I remember thinking to myself, “Hey, I resemble that!”  So I asked for an account and was included!

So here's a big Kudos to for becoming a fantastic wealth of knowledge, tips, and all-around IT.

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