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A while back I attended a Microsoft internal briefing moderated by Erick Dasque (  This was a very informative presentation and I am grateful to Jeff Brand for getting me involved with the call.   Here is an overview of some of things discussed during the presentation. 

What is mono?

Open source implementation of .NET

Cross platform

            Unix Family – Linux, solaris, etc

            Windows Family

            Embedded systems

Open Source compilers and tools

            Today: C#, Java, Nemerle

            Preview: VB.NET Jscript, Python

Increase developer productivity

            Most modern tools available today

Ease transition from windows to linux development


Multi-language and multi-platform


C# is the mono language of choice


Windows Forms only in Mono 1.1 (coming in april, may)


Mono uses the IKVM project – Converts java byte code to .NET byte code.


Can use P Invoke within mono as long as the API exists your target OS.


Recommendations for writing mono compatible applications

  • Mono does not support incremental compilation.  Simply check off two check boxes in Visual Studio.
  • Be careful when hard coding paths


Does not support the COM object model


Can co-host with Microsoft .NET


Mono 2.0 will come out in early 2006


More information at

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