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If you’re a seasoned SharePoint developer and you’d like to get up and running with all the new goodies that SharePoint 2013 is bringing, make sure you check out the Mastering SharePoint 2013 Development lab I’m giving at LabCenter in Stockholm, Sweden.

3 days of development heaven *and* you take away a brand new laptop, or an iPad, or some of the other perks you decide to go for.

Check out:

The overview of the 3 days:

  • Day 1
    • Module 1: Comparing SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2010
      • What’s new in SharePoint 2013
    • Module 2: Installing your SharePoint 2013 development environment
      • How to successfully (and above all correctly) install SharePoint 2013
  • Day 2
    • Module 3: Apps, sandboxed or full trust?
      • What’s the difference between the deployment models.
      • Pro’s and con’s
      • Code or no-code solutions?
    • Module 4: Search is the new black
      • Using the new out of the box Search webparts
      • Building a search based solution
  • Day 3
    • Module 5: Workflows
      • Differences between SharePoint 2010 workflows and 2013 workflows
      • Building a workflow using Visio and SharePoint Designer
      • Building a workflow using Visual Studio
    • Module 6: You’re the master of the design
      • The design manager
      • Master pages
      • Page layouts
      • CSS and HTML5
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