PRO SQL Database for Windows Azure

After months of work, rework, revisions and reviews, the second edition of the APress book PRO SQL Database for Windows Azure is out! You can get it on Amazon (Paperback or Kindle) or through Barnes & Nobles (NOOK version).

All the screenshots and instructions were changed from the first edition (PRO SQL Azure) to demonstrate the use of SQL Database using the new portal. However, above and beyond the graphics, the new edition covers the new SQL Database management portal, Federations, a complete rewrite of the Azure Reporting Services, SQL Data Sync and Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Although this book isn’t heavy, it is packed with valuable information for DBAs and .NET developers too. You will find a lot of tips and useful explanations that are based on actual hands-on experience with this technology.

I would also like to thank Thomas Larock (@SQLRockstar) for his professional review on the book itself, and his generous blog review about the release of the book.

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