Discover the Management API in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft recently published a Management API framework within Microsoft Azure. If you haven’t had a chance to review this new feature, still in preview at the time of this writing, you may be surprised… So what is this new feature? Who would use it, and why?

The Management API offers interesting capabilities in at least two scenarios:  transform existing web services into more modern REST APIs, and leverage an advanced API management platform.

If you want to move your older public APIs, such as web services, into the era of mobile computing, complete with monitoring, servicing and security management, you are in luck… Microsoft Azure’s Management API provides a remarkably easy way to build a service proxy that hides older public APIs and allows you to define the REST methods you want to expose individually, and how they map to your older Web Services. The Management API provides a user interface to define the API verbs and the backend web service endpoint that serves it.

In addition to providing a mechanism to upgrade existing web services as REST services without writing any line of code, the Management API offers a strong management interface allowing you to specify caching options, access keys, access control and monitoring of your REST endpoints.

This Management API is designed for companies to upgrade their traditional web services as REST services without the need to change their code base. It also allows small and large organizations to obtain a management platform that a simple web service upgrade would not provide out of the box, such as caching and monitoring.

Although the Management API is still in a preview phase, I highly recommend you investigate the capabilities of this amazing new feature in Microsoft Azure. To learn more about it, please visit the Microsoft Azure website:

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