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From: BlogJet weblog :: MSN Spaces API

Carnage4Life, of the MSN Spaces team, posts on his blog, that MSN Spaces will be supporting the Metaweblog API soon. Or at least, a version of it

Our current plan is to provide an implementation of the MetaWeblog API with some methods from the Blogger API while using HTTPS/SSL for security. These APIs are widely supported by various weblog applications and already have a vibrant developer ecosystem around them. The API will enable people to create, edit and delete posts on the blog in their space. One of our goals is to ensure that bloggers who are already using blog posting tools such Blogjet or w.bloggar can use them to interact with MSN Spaces when we launch the API without having to upgrade or switch clients. Similarly web sites which allow users to post to their blogs such as Flickr and Zoto should be able to support our API without making significant changes

This is exellent news, it will allow tools like blogjet or other online services to interact with MSN Spaces and opens up it up to the rest of the blog-management arena.

I am starting to see a need for some kinds of blog-routing. For instance: I can now post from Flickr to most of my blogs. I can post from Blogjet to all of my blogs simultainiously. I can email my MSN Spaces blog with SMTP, I can moblog directly to Flickr.


I cannot email any of my other blogs, nor can I post to a blogging service while simultaniously uploading to Flickr (Dmitry, are you paying attention?). And I cannot use a web interface anywhere to post to all my blogs simultaniously. I would also like to be able to have all my blogs automaticly draw their content, via RSS perhaps, from any of my other blogs.. or any other content I specify.

Think of it…   I save a bookmark in or a picture in Flickr, my MSN Spaces blog picks it up automaticly, whereafter my other blogs or sites, or whatever, either pick it up via RSS, or are posted to from MSN Spaces, or whatever other blog or content source.

We need some kind of web-service that does all of this. An RSS router of sorts. Hmm.. could Bizztalk do this?  (this is the bit where I hope other people at GWB read my posts!)


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