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Fringe SharePoint Continued

I recently spoke at Tech Days 2010 in Winnipeg. These are some tools that will I showcased to help you evaluate where you are now.


·       PreUpgradeCheck


·       SharePoint BPA


·       SPSReport


·       SPSFarmReport


I also showed a Solution Downloader found here:

I also wanted to give you some useful Power Shell commands to work with visual upgrade:

Find out Which UI Version a site is at:

  $sc = Get-SPSite <URL>; $sc.GetVisualReport() | Format-Table

Upgrade UI for an entire WebApp:

  $webapp = Get-SPWebApplication <URL>

  foreach ($s in $webapp.sites)

  {$s.VisualUpgradeWebs() }

Upgrade UI for a single-site:

  $site = Get-SPSite <URL>


Revert UI for single site:

  Get-SPSite <URL> | Get-SPWeb "webname" | Foreach{$_.UIVersionConfigurationEnabled=1;$_.UIVersion=3;$_.Update();}

Revert UI for all sites:

  Get-SPSite <URL> | Foreach{$_. UIVersionConfigurationEnabled=1;$_.UIVersion=3;$_.Update();}



Hope it helps you out!

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