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Fringe SharePoint Continued

   I am in the proccess of putting together a demo machine. i arleady have a Windows 7 VM with the essentials for SharePoint Deveopment. But I spent some part of the weekend putting together a demo machine and after some thinking I decided to share some points that you might want to consider when putting together a Development or Demo machine as a SharePoint Developer\Consultant. I also welcome any comments and opinions or rebuttles to any of these points.

   I spent some time and put together a WIndows 7 Machine, with SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint Designer 2010, Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010, I was all set , came to installing SharePoint 2010. These are some of the things to consider when going Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7:

  •       Single Server vs Stand Alone - Stand Alone is one of the default install configurations as part of the SharePoint Installer. This installs SQL Express with SharePoint 2010. What I was really after is a Single Server environment. I want SQL Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010 Installed, in one Server! If you want to install a Single Server environment you will need Domain Accounts for SharePoint Configuration. There are several really great posts that outline how you can get around this issue and install SharePoint on a Windows 7 machine while getting around this domain account issue.
  •        Domain Accounts - If you are trying to build a dev environment or a demo environment that you would like to simulate or replicate what a productionn environment then you might want to use Domain accounts. Most of my development in SharePoint 2007 was on a Windows Server environment that used default accounts and I faced so many issues with security. Ultimately Customizations that I developed in that environment didn't always work in production. This was a deal breaker for me in 2010! Ultimately you cannot make a windows 7 environment a domain control, or am I missing something?
  •        What is the major advantage to Use Windows 7 anyway? - This is an area that maybe others have great reasons why they would prefer Windows 7. Ultimately WIndows 7 is a desktop OS not a Server OS. It is great! I love my Windows 7! but utlimately I don't use my VM or demo machine as a desktop. I use it for SharePoint Development. One of the main concerns around using WIndows 7 (for me) is how bulky it would be. WIth all the software installed how much more resources will I need?
  •        You have to Install SharePoint Anyway! - If you haven not gotten down to developing in SharePoint 2010, you still need SharePoint installed , even on a WIndows 7 Machine! so now you add more bulk to your Desktop experience. Yes, maybe for some developers that are dabling with SharePoint Development this is a great option.  Usually I would add SharePoint Foundation and not the full blown version of SharePoint Server. Think of how bulky it would be to add the full blown SharePoint Server on a desktop OS??? Why would you ever want to do that? I need some help understanding where the advantage is here. I just don't see it.

Ultimately thse are the facts:

  • Windows 7 is not the Recommended OS in Production Environments. My point here is, I am going to try to simulate production as much as I can.
  • A Server will give you a Domain Control (Domain Accounts), Full blown SQL Server Installation that is supported, and a more realistic production configuration.
  • I will use SharePoint Server as a Development and a Demo Environment and not as a Desktop Experience.


    I should say that the only reason I can see why a developer would want SharePoint on Windows 7, is when you are a developer with Windows 7 already installed and most of your time is spent doing other development. It's a nice convience to be able to develop for SharePoint and just install some extras. The extras being...SharePoint Foudation and Sql Express, at the very least.

    These are just some of the reasons I can come up with. I have till now, been using VM Ware Fusion on my Macbook Pro and have installed SharePoint Foundation 2010 and developed with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. It has been great but I need SharePoint Server to run demos showcasing the full SP2010 features. It been great so far as a development VM but not necesarily as a demo or a Intense SharePoint Development Machine. 

    If you have reasons you like Windows 7 instead of Windows Server 2008 , please let me know. My mind can be swayed, but for now, I threw away my Windows 7 Machine that I spent this weekend building and re-building a SharePoint 2010 environment on Windows Server 2008. Looking forward to my new demo machine!


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