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Form Based Authentication (FBA) is great when exposing SharePoint on the internet or extranet, users don’t have to know the domain they are authenticating to, you can manage the authentication using LDAP or SQL database amongst other cool stuff. But during the configuration process you end-up disabling the Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) because you want your users to be provided with an FBA page. Once you disable the IWA you get the following notification
If Windows authentication is not selected on any Zone of this Web application, crawling for this Web application will be disabled.
Or search an error in event logs
Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access to this repository, or add a crawl rule to crawl this repository.
Great, the dilemma starts because you want FBA and Search but SharePoint is screaming that you need IWA for crawling purposes.
Here is a nifty way to get around this,
1.       Extend your FBA based portal to have a different zone (intranet, extranet custom…) whatever you want.
2.       Once you extend your portal, it will inherit the configuration of the default portal but it will be a different site on IIS.
3.       Back to Authentication provider, make sure that your new site has IWA checked at this point FBA is optional since the site will only be used for content crawling.
4.       Modify your Search Service Application Content Source, delete FBA site and add the extended site in your Start Addresses.
5.       Save and start a full crawl. Once the crawl is complete, browse to your FBA site and try the search. And Walla Search should be working now.
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