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Pro .NET 2.0 Extreme Programming

By Greg Pearman and James Goodwill

Published by Apress 2006

ISBN: 1-59059-480-0


I know there’s mixed feelings out there about Extreme Programming, especially in the defense industry where I work and everything seems to be the exact opposite of XP, but here’s a book worth looking at if you’re at all curious about the subject.


I was especially pleased to find that Part I was so short since based on the title alone I had expectations the book would focus more on practicality than foundational information…and it does. If you’re looking for a quick intro to XP, Part I is great. The book’s real value lays in the practical application of the knowledge in Part III.


Part III of the book is aptly named “XP in Action” and gets to the point of providing the reader a “ride-a-long” if you will of an XP project. One nice touch with this section was the use of scanned in handwritten story cards. Another thing that stood out as a rather nice touch was the source code was written in one language only…now don’t go getting all crazy on me and starting religious wars about one .NET language being better than the other because I’m not gonna go there, but on a personal note I’ve often found it distracting when a code snippet is displayed in both languages side by side or one after the other. Seeing it in only one language certainly made it more readable to me, even if the language (C# for the record) was not my “primary language”.


Part II of the book (yeah I know I went out of order, but it’s my review!) focuses on tools most of developers probably use to one degree or another, NUnit, NAnt, NMock and CruiseControl.NET with a small section thrown in on Refactoring in VS 2005.


All in all a quick and easy read and certainly will spend some time on my reference shelf. Enjoy!

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