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You know what happens when we change the name of a SharePoint server right? It simply won’t work again unless you run the SharePoint Server configuration wizard.

So what would happen if you do the same for the SSRS (SQL server reporting services) server? Some say you might not be able to connect to the reporting services again. I changed my reporting server’s name and still was able to create reports and do some other things. But clearly there were some problems. I tried to get support from my colleagues who were already familiar with SSRS but with no luck.

After some googling I found below link looks promising. But alas… it didn’t resolve my prob.

If I point my problem clearly, when I try to do “Configure report server - > Initialization” it shows me old machine name (name before I rename it) which will causes lots of problem in future. (That was according to my colleagues and I don’t know what those problems would be as this is the first time I’m gonna use SSRS)

Then I tried to create a new reporting server database through “Configure report server - > Data Setup”.

Guess what? It worked and saved my day!

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