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December 2009 Entries

I tried to format my camera SD-card and my windows comes up with the error: A little bit google helped: Starting management console as lokal administrator Start | Run | Open: runas /user:<LokalAdmin> mmc.exe Adding group policy snap-in File | Add/Remove Snap-In… | Add… | Group Policy Object Editor | Add | Finish | Close | OK Browse to security policy Console Root | Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options Pimp ......

If you google for “SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express” you will find a MS resource which downloads a 172MB setup. But this setup does not offer a separate “SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express” option. Why ever. So i startet a new search and i found this solution: Download & install the web platform installer Start the installer and use the “customize” link in the Database section to activate “SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express” ......