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Using a project-specific custom disctionary for FxCop and FxCop build tasks is very simple. The FxCopCmd call in the FxCop-target offers the parameter /dictionary:<DictionaryName> for that.

But for Visual Studio a little bit more steps are needed. And these steps musst me gone for all projects.

Add the custom dictionary as a link to each project. I organize such links under the special Properties-folder. So normally these links dont violate my eyes ;-)

Next step requieres editing of the csproj-files. Either you open these files with an other editor or you unload the projects and edit these files with Visual Studio.

The following lines must inserted for a custom dictionary named FxCop.CustomDictionary.xml:

    <CodeAnalysisDictionary Include="..\FxCop.CustomDictionary.xml">
posted on Friday, July 2, 2010 11:27 AM