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Now I have my 3rd Lenovo ThinkPad W510 – and with all of them I had problems in stability.

First one (freezing and not able to wake up)

The first one from July 2010 sometimes freezes for some seconds till minutes. Mostly it comes back after that time and I could continue my work.

But when I used the standby function in almost all cases the system was not able to wake up for standby-times more than 5 minutes. Then the system only blinks at all LEDs. A hard reset solves this.

Second and third one (crashes)

The next two W510 notebooks had the freezing effect in tightened form – they never come back. Interestingly sometimes the system does not stopping to play music – only the TFT and keyboard freezed.

This freezings seems to be very deep in the system, because the system function (blue stuff) also does not work anymore.

Is there a correlation to anything?

Yes – indeed – there is. In all cases that I could remember the systems hangs during interacting with it - with mouse, trackpoint or keyboard. And mostly during times where the fans runs at higher speed. If the systems runs over night it crashed never.

So I think there is a problem in triangle “human interface driver”, “graphic driver” and temperature.

What next?

Switch to another series of Lenovo – hopefully W520.

posted on Sunday, May 22, 2011 1:10 PM