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December 2011 Entries

Problem Jenkins dashboard shows following simian analysis: But after clicking one item I get: Solution My simian call was: .\tools\Simian\bin\simian-2... ./src/**/*.cs -formatter=xml:.\bin\Simian... -threshold=10 -excludes="**/*.Designer.cs" -excludes="**/*Fixture*.cs" -excludes="**/*.g.cs" -excludes="**/*.xaml.cs" -failOnDuplication- but the folder prefix (‘./’) for current folder in front of (‘src/**/*.cs’) is wrong. Deleting the unnecessary chars lets the system work: ......

Last week I get the information directly from Microsoft, that at build machines SDKs must be installed to guarantee that MSBuild works well in some circumstances. We have the problem, that a self-containing build should include all necessary build artifacts – particularly Silverlight stuff. I tried to encapsulate the special steps in own targets and a build was finally possible (see my former posts). But at local machines without installed Silverlight stuff it gives problems for problems. Because ......