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Thursday, January 8, 2015 #

Today I’ve installed the Technology Preview of Windows 10 onto my Xen Server. With the XenCenter program under an existing Windows 8.1 installation it was an easy task. But this Win 8.1 runs virtualized via Parallels and Bootcamp on my MacBook. That creates a double windowing – first the virtualized window of Win 8.1 with XenCenter and inside XenCenter the windows of the XenServer hosted Windows 10. This is not nice.

But we can shortcut that by using the Remote Desktop App for Mac OS X (you can find it in the App Store). Configuring a remote desktop connection is easy but it ended up in an error, that the connection couldn’t be established. Sounds like an issue where the RDP access has to be opened on the Windows 10.

And right, after doing the following I got my RDP session with a much better user experience – no lacks anymore and fluent like a local session.

  1. Right click Start button and chose “System”
  2. Click the link “Remote Settings”
  3. Activate “Allow remote connections to this computer” and tick the checkbox
  4. Click the button “Select Users”
  5. Add your account(s) to the list
  6. In the “Select Users” dialog you have to use this schema:
    Use the button “Check Names” to resolve and/or check it