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Sunday, May 17, 2015 #

Saturday morning I received a mail from my parents NAS (Synology DS215j) about a reboot after a system update. A few hours later my father called me, mentioning that he cannot write to the NAS anymore. All files are accessible in read only mode. All write operations under windows raises an error.

German: "Sie benötigen Berechtigungen zur Durchführung des Vorgangs"

English: "You need permission to perform this action"

After some research it came to light, that the WinBind Daemon hasn’t started. It seems that the update of 11. May (rolled out 16. May) is corrupt and we have to hope for a fix in the future.

In the mean time the following workaround helps:

  1. Login into the web administration of the DS215j as admin
  2. Open Control Panel > Task Scheduler
  3. Create a new User-defined-script
  4. Run the command
    start winbindd ; restart smbd
  5. Schedule it pro forma
    (e.g. once per day, around 30min after possible reboots related to further updates)
  6. Run it manually

Now you should be able to write to the NAS …