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May 2013 Entries

Exchange 2010: Generating test data for your lab environment

As an addition on populating this post gives an easy way to create test data in your lab:

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Exchange 2010: Populating your test environment with users

I came across this article and it is pretty easy and decent!

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Office 365 support issues?
This article was written by Tony Redmond and outlines some of the problems he encountered with his office 365 upgrade to wave 15 (exchange 2013). Unfortunately he got a bad support experience on top of that! I know that at Microsoft there are a lot of outsourced positions for support. I know, I was in one of them! Whilst one of the comments on this blogpost mentions “guys from the fast food chain” it seems a little harsh… I have to admit that I am not aware of how the O365 department works but in ......

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