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I think I hit a record about how many books I read (and bought) this year, technical (computer related) and non computer related. This is some kind of mini list about the technical books and some kind of review.
- Head First Design patterns: Oh boy, what a book. Superb. I've learned a lot from it, even if the samples are in Java. Excellent way to show a very interesting topic like Design Patterns. I also have Mesker's C# Design Patterns, but Head First is much better, with clearer explanations. If only HFDP were C# (and why not C# 2.0) specific,maybe it would be the perfect book.
- Essential C# 2.0: Michaelis' book it's the best C# 2.0 book you can find right now. Excellent explanations, for example: he's explanation on iterators is the best one you can find in a book. If you are searching a great C# 2.0 as reference, or simply to do the transition from C# 1.0 to 2.0, look no further.
- Professional .NET Framework 2.0: Duffy's books it's great way to know better the inner workings of the .NET Framework 2.0. He gives you a low level view of the CLR, and IMHO, if you know better the CLR, a better .NET programmer you will be. An Excelent book.
- Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#: While this is not a C# 2.0 specific book, it has a lot of stuff I need: Principles. I think there is no other book that mixes C# and Principles. By knowing principles, you will become a better programmer, not matter what language you choose, but if the examples are in a language you know, even better.
- The Pragmatic Programmer: This book arrived this week, and I started to read it right away. Since a I'm not a senior programmer I mean, with lots and lots of years of experience, I was looking for a book with advices to became a better programmer. Many people said that this books is similar to Code Complete. I think Code Complete (I own it) it's a little more technical, and the pragmatic Programmer tries to share great programmers experiencie and good habits. The books has lots of analogies and I like that a lot.
I'm leaving next week for vacactions... and the pragmatic programmer will be inside my bagpack. Posted on Friday, December 22, 2006 2:36 PM Books | Back to top

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