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          I am for 7 years now in the IT industry I have heard a lot of good things about pair programming, I don't know if it is just a rumour :), like the fact that pair programming reduces the number of bugs by 30% , reduces the maintaience of the code, which is the largest part of a programme's lifecycle...

         Well now I have the very exciting opportunity of working in an Agile driven development environment and I could peek a few advantages over this last two weeks.

        First it was very, very easy for me to get into the project and  become productive early, because I didn't have to stay by myself and dig into the application and worry about disturbing the other older team mates. Then, though I didn't have too much business  knowledge I could make immediately myself useful as an assistant for the driving programmer, an OOP quality checker :)  ...

         Other things that I realized:

- there aren't really any dead times, you never end reading too much you email or start reding funny staff, because you can't let the other wait for you.

- many times when you just hear yourself saying loud an idea, you immediatly realize if something is wrong

- you never jump into writing code and this saves a lot of time and combined with test first driven programming and with the quality the programmers themselves, results in a high quality code.

         So far it seems to me that the 2 programers working on a task would finish it earlyer than just one,  I would say 1/3 of time earlyer, and the result is much better, meaning less bugs, more flexible code, so in the end you get to the result that there as a comparable amount of time spent on developing the task and a much smalller amount time for maintaining plus you have now two programmershaving deep knowledge about the task. 

         On a task you usually have the owner and the partner, so the partner can be changed, and moved in another pair after one day, and the owner stays on the task until it is ready. This changing of partners assures that everybody works with everybody and everybody gets a lot of knowledge on all the areas of the project. This is kind of Agile ...

        Too bad that a lot of managers don't realize the benefits and all that they can see is that they put two people on a task, instead of one which means waste of money for them.

        A little piece of advice: if you're pair programming, always brush your teeth after eating and keep at hand lots of chewing gum and mints


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