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When I am posting question to one of news groups, it always desireable to get notification if anyone replied to the thread.
Recently I've noticed, that Google Groups have this facility.

As it is described in the Google Groups Tip:
At the top of the thread of interest, to the right of the thread title (what you or the author named the thread), click "more options". Then choose "email updates to me". You will now receive an email for any postings to that thread. A small mail icon will appear, next to the "rating star" for the thread, the next time you view the thread.

Unfortunately,it seems, that only a few Google Groups has this feature available. It is not available for most -Usenet- groups.

Alternatively, you can create  'Groups' alert, but it required more work to specify filters.

I agree with Tipical Charlie, that it will be good to have a mechanism whereby you could say that any thread you create (and optionally any thread you contribute to) are automatically marked for  "email me updates".
There was already a suggestion to Google Feature-requests.
And I've post this suggestion to Google Groups Guide - Groups Suggestions 

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