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There are a few links related to TFS build and Source control 

Customizing Team Foundation Build 

Add Continuous Integration Capabilities to Team Foundation Server

I've got  a few useful tips from  Mitch Denny:

To remove incorrect subsctiptions:

TFS has a table (tbl_subscriptions) in the TfsIntegration database which lists all these endpoints. Don’t ever edit this table directly. You can  look at the subscription ID and then use the bissubscribe.exe tool to unsubscribe those event registrations.

Make sure that the files that TFS Integrator is replicating are no checked out – this will cause it to fall over.
Use the TFS Sidekick tool to remove the locks/checkouts.

TFS Source Control Tools

Team Foundation Server Power Tool has History  with /followbranches option
More power: New power toy release (tfpt) includes VSS-style project difference

Other TFS links:
Changing the Local Path in Team Foundation Server Source Control

renaming files in TFS

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