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Some time ago I posted my Unit Testing ASP.NET Applications  notes. This post is to put togeter a few links that I found useful about general Unit testing frameworks.
MbUnit vs. NUnit Vs. Team System Unit Testing - Choosing a unit test framework

NUnit vs Team System Unit Test

In our solutions we are using both NUnit and VSTS Unit testing. I like VSTS for the ability to generate test stubs code. But our build server has only VS Professional installed, that doesn't allow to include VSTS projects to release builds(it will be available in VS 2008 Pro).  
I am using TestDriven.NET  and specific  test harnesses to debug new/modified development code.

I want to consider How to run tests in a build without test metadata files and test lists.    

Posted on Friday, September 14, 2007 4:13 PM Testing/Debugging/Logging | Back to top

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