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I am doing some work with "SQL Server Reporting Services" at the moment. So I am updating this post with different links, which makes the post quite messy.

"Report Parameters" are not visible in XML code view .It seems that they are stored in database, but not in XML definition.

See also Reporting Services Report Parameters

CountRows Function  -Returns a count of rows within the specified scope-the dataset, grouping, or data region.

The "Every Other Page Is Blank" Feature -reduce size of Body to fit into page with margins.

How to add  JavaScript funstions to your report?

The article Reporting Services - Add a logo to the Report Manager  consider to use DHTML Behaviors(IE specific) or edit the ReportingServices.js file.

Related article: Embedded Code In Reporting Services 


How to specify links targets:

SQL Server Reporting Services - IFRAME Target Links suggest to adding a parameter to the QueryString of rc:LinkTarget which has the value of your frameset name. But rc:LinkTarget is applicable for all links in the report,
How can I create some links in the same report with target=_self, and some with target="_blank"? 
You can use javascript in the Jump to URL option of the Action property, so
you can include something like this:

= "javascript:void('" & Fields!url.Value & "','_blank'))"

A few OTHER links that could be useful:

SSW Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Suggestions and Rules To Better SQL Reporting Services

Make your MS Reporting Services 2005 reports sizzle!
Writing Custom Code in SQL Server Reporting Services

Jazz Up Your Data Using Custom Report Items In SQL Server Reporting Services

Disabling the SQL Reporting Services cache   

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