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.Net has several methods of serialization and sometimes it causes a lot of confusion even for experienced programmers.
I believe the best article to describe the different methods is  Aaron Skonnard’s
Serialization in Windows Communication Foundation(MSDN Magazine > Issues > 2006 > August) (by some reason it’s not highly rated by Google and other articles are coming first for Serialization related requests)

There is also a brief comparison table in StackOverflow What are the differences between the XmlSerializer and BinaryFormatter.

I’ve recently read a good article XmlSerializer vs DataContractSerializer: Serialization in Wcf, but noticed that it is incorrectly describe SerializableAttribute.
[Serializable].is used by   System.Runtime.Serialization. (BinaryFormatter or obsolete SoapFormatter) and also by  DataContractSerializer/NetDataContractSerializer to be compatible with .Net Remoting.
However it is not used by XmlSerializer .XmlSerializer can operate on any public type without any special attributes.


Posted on Friday, September 16, 2011 11:40 PM .Net Framework | Back to top

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