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This is a good “must-read” article on agile:


It has been my experience working in Olympia that often the importance of the adherence to time estimates which cannot possibly be accurate are held as some form of sacrosanct ideal. This is unfortunate because it forces the reality of our actual knowledge gained through the performance of our tasks to be sacrificed to the surreal non-reality of our original guesswork.  Developers are human beings that want to meet the expectations of their peers, their bosses and their customers. Developers under stress and pressure often are unaware when they begin unconsciously sacrificing true project objectives in an attempt to meet perceived goals. It starts with little things like letting unit tests fall out of operational status, and generally progresses to not doing them at all. It takes discipline and courage to fight these natural tendencies. To put things in perspective though, software that ships on time but doesn't meet reasonable quality and functionality requirements won't be worth a spit (and ergo the spit goeth the developer's professional career). It's a tough balancing act to help illuminate these principles without appearing to be a troublemaker, but it is an essential aspect of our job responsibilities if we are to consider ourselves professional.




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