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Welcome to my new blog....I will try to steer my programming blogging here!  I will cover the gamut of programming but as you might imagine .net is a mainstay!!  After took an absent without leave then came back online last week, with neary a reason, leaving my google ranking non-existant, I realized that it will be best to have resources spread out a bit more evenly.  There will surely be some duplication and the inevitable cross placement of rants, just ignore that which looks a bit out of place.  Overall the direction of programming has done little to converge, something a lot of us expected.  Although much has been done to unify methods and schema, and one would think that computer languages would all be pretty much the same by now, current events place this dream far from reality!  At least many platforms can run xml and the likes and get pretty much the same result but still we commonly find that one size fits all does not!....My preference at the moment is C# but that will change over time..I hope to investigate f# to some degree and follow the pitfalls and perils of html ver (newnow)....but I am sure that c++, jsharp, ruby,python and the rest of the gang will all find a friend on this blog in the coming years...


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