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First day with the new job. Looks pretty interesting. Busy place, with lots to do. My job description has changed tons of time since I was interviewed, which I find funny.
Once training is completed, though, looks like I will be working on a .Net front-end interface for the testing software API we have. I will still be doing manual software testing about 50% of the time, though. I found the lack of programming IDE installs on my workstation to be a little disappointing. Guess that means it will be awhile.

I was pretty surprised at my desk, though. Apparently we are out of cubes, so I must sit at a folding table over by the window literally in a passageway to the break area, and the bathroom. :-) Guess I'll get used to being gawked at, huh? Turns out bennies are much better here, though. Not only did I get the raise, but I also get insurance superior to that offered at the last place for 1/3 of the price. Nice!

I will still be working on my own .Net projects, however. The BattleshipNet project must continue! As of tomorrow, I will bring the parts to the B&N in which I am now sitting, and begin in again in ernest since the adjustment is begun.
One nice change, though: I am back to getting up very early for some Tai Chi before work. I love it, and I sure have missed it. Posted on Monday, July 11, 2005 10:24 PM | Back to top

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