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I've been trying today to figure out a good way to get logging from my Selenium tests. I've considered and explored several methods and haven't been really happy with any idea I've found.

I tried Log4j, which logs just fine but 1) I can't get it to write my results to a file (successfully) and 2) the filepath doesn't seem to be runtime configurable (i.e., dynamically generated based on the time the test is run).

I've looked at LoggingSelenium, which is an extension to Selenium, but I can't get it to run successfully. I suspect given the ( is null or not an object error) that this problem is based on the version of the selenium jars I am using. The LoggingSelenium project seems to be kinda of left adrift in the Java world, IMO.

I really don't want to use ANT to run my tests, even though it generates nice reports. It seems a little fragile and not nearly as dynamic as I can get running the tests out of the Eclipse IDE.

See, I can write my own log, sure, but I want to hook into JUnit's results. Not really sure how to get at that.

The journey continues.... Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 12:38 PM | Back to top

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