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May 2010 Entries

June 2010 Chicago Architects Group Meeting


The Chicago Architects Group will be holding its next meeting on June 15th.  Please come and join us and get involved in our architect community.


Presenter: Tim Murphy 
Topic: Document Generation Architectures     
Location: TechNexus
200 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 1500
Room A/B
Chicago, IL 60606
Time: 5:30 - Doors open at 5:00

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May 2010 Chicago Architects Group Wrap Up

Scott Seely did a wonderful job this evening of explaining how cloud services fit into our application architectures and specifically how Azure is organized.  He covered everything from Table Storage to code name Dallas (OData).  The discussion continued well beyond the end of the meeting which was attended by members of all sectors of IT and multiple platforms.

Be sure to join us in the upcoming months as we cover the following topics:

  • June – Document Generation Architecture
  • July – Architecting a BI Installation
  • August - MVVM – the What, Why and When

Stay tuned.

Chicago Code Camp Recap

My presentation on leveraging Open XML was a great experience and the attendees were very gracious.  I was pleasantly surprised to have a full room.  There was even one person sitting on the floor.  You can check out some pictures here.  I have posted my slides and code.  If anyone has any feedback or questions feel free to contact me.