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I was at last night’s Geek dinner along with 150+ other Geeks and techies (and a few journalists as well, just for good measure).  It was an amazing atmosphere at the restaurant and everyone was so happy to be there and talking amongst like minded people.  There were people from all over the world, at the dinner ranging from American, India, South Africa and the UK.  

I have to say I was very impressed by the quality of people at the dinner; everyone I met had a pretty impressive resume.  I have to say I felt a little out of my depth at times, but that was to be expected with the likes of Robert Scoble and Co. there.

One of the best descriptions I heard was that “the greatest brains of London” were there last night.  Imagine being in a room with that many smart people.  The most amusing moment that I had there was when I was introduced to Ian and he tried to guess what I did as a job.  His automatic assumption was that I couldn’t possibly be a geek as I was there with Geeks and was young, female and not looking particularly geeky… He started with journalism and then went through a whole series of  jobs.  I didn’t say a word and he asked for confirmation that I wasn’t a geek… I didn’t say anything just rolled up the sleeve of my shirt and turned on my binary watch.  The whole group of Geeks around him ended up laughing around the place for a fair few minutes.  The whole situation was really very amusing. 

I was going to put my mobile recording of the Scoble speech online but it seems that others have managed to get in there before me and with better quality sound.  It’s not as though the video quality on my phone is good enough to bother putting it on.  There are much better quality mp3 podcasts available on the WiKi.  If people really are desperate to get hold of it they can let me know, but it will involve re-encoding from MP4 to some usable format. (OMG I really am a Geek… I should stop talking techie!)

I would highly recommend listening to the Perfect Path Podcast of this event where lots of the techies were interviewed.  

Something that I did notice, which was very apparent whilst I was at the geek dinner, was the power of networking.  I don't just mean networking on the level of person to person in a room, I mean the blog to blog and podcast to blog relationships as well.  The sheer quantity of people who knew about and who the majority of people were in the room were.  It was really quite remarkable!  It is an absolutely awesome potential marketing honeypot!!!  There are so many different potential areas for people to innovate that the results could change podcasting and blogging and social networking for good.  I think this is something that I will have to look into further!

There was a lot of talk about podcasting and how much better it would be to have podcasts from mobiles and posting and downloading them to and from mobiles.  The general feel seemed to be that blogging was a good thing and that podcasting's day was coming. 

Google's map software had a lot of discussion and again there is a lot of potential with this software as well... I few good examples are and which give really good examples of how a market can really make the most of the technologies available.  What I would like to know is how these companies managed to get the API for this?!  Wouldn't it be great to make your own addin's to this and optimise the services that you can make available in your own software! 

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Thanks for recommending the podcast, Sarah, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wouldn't mind having a go at re-encoding and hosting your video if you are able to upload it somewhere and send me a link - lloyd AT

Left by Lloyd Davis on Jun 09, 2005 8:08 PM

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